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Graz Österreich

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Who we are.

Our vision: The decision-making process “Systemic Consensus” enriches the management style of the 21st century worldwide for the benefit of all participants and leads to a cooperative interaction.

About BK International Network

BK-Business KONSENS OG is a social business with the goal to transform society towards a successful cooperation in profit and non-profit areas such as economy, education, communities and politics. With the attitude of the SK-Principle® we advise and train people in cooperative and participative decision making. With IT tools we support decision-making and participation processes on the basis of systemic consensus building. We increase the methodical decision-making and facilitation competence of our clients. Business KONSENS was founded by the two SK-Principle co-developers DI Dominik Berger and Volker Visotschnig.


What we do:

Business KONSENS accompanies groups in their decision-making processes. Especially in the case of diverging interests of the participants and polarizing topics, our moderation quickly leads to good results and a high level of satisfaction of those involved, even in conflict-prone situations. An important tool in this process is the “Systemic Consensus Building (SK-Principle®)” procedure developed by us, which ensures the acceptance and viability of decisions. The effects of such a solution-oriented decision are noticeable in the easier implementability. In addition, we support executives, moderators and consultants via management trainings and tools in the effective application of consensus building.

Our Core Team

DI Dominik Berger

Managing Director and co-founder of Business KONSENS is an entrepreneur, management consultant, SK facilitator, trainer, systemic coach with a focus on "Systemic Consensing for Business" and lecturer at
TU-Graz. He has 20 years of management experience with both corporations and start-ups and holds 12 international patents.

Johannes Drielsma

Owner of Drielsma Resources Europe, Co-founder of the BK International Network, expert on environmental policy, innovation, management of multi-stakeholder organisations, skilled negotiator, facilitator, mediator and public speaker. He has 25 years of experience in mining, automotive, telecoms and related service industries, helping to translate between cultures and disciplines.

Volker Visotschnig
Volker Visotschnig

Managing Director of Business KONSENS, Co-founder of the BK International Network, SK facilitator and trainer, coach, certified business coach, co-founder of ISYKONSENS International.

He is co-developer of the SK-Principle® and the first "SK-Native".

Extended Team

All our team members are  SK-Facilitators certified by ISYKONSENS International and experienced in facilitating sustainable group decisions.

Dr. Erich Visotschnig

"Respect for a human being is shown in the respect for his or her No."

Faciltation Languages: German, English

Markus Rossmann

"The question is not, whether people want to cooperate, but how to help them to do so.
Faciltation Languages: German, English

Ulrike Baumann

"Resistance is an indication of a need that is not being met.

Faciltation Languages: German, English

Adela Mahling

""How wonderful is it when a 'No' is not the end of a conversation, but the start of something beautiful."
"Qué maravilloso es cuando un "No" no es el fin de una conversación, sino el comienzo de algo hermoso!"

Faciltation Languages: German, English, Spanish

Evelyn Peppler

""By first making visible the resistances weakening the spirit of moving forward, decisions attain their greatest sustainable strength!"

Faciltation Languages: German, English